The multifunctional service tool in the field of photovoltaics » pvServe


The multifunctional service tool in the field of photovoltaics

The service power supply is a versatile tool for solar installers, the electrical contractor and appraisers who specialize in the inspection and maintenance of photovoltaic systems. The device has a freely adjustable DC voltage between 0 and 1000V, so that solar module strings with up to 19 solar modules with 72 five-inch cells and up to 22 solar modules with 60 six-inch cells in series can be back-current with it.

Standard interfaces:Ethernet LAN, Analog 5/10V, RS232
Optional interfaces:IEEE 488, RS485, USB

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» Technical information -+

» Technical information

Technical data

  • Freely adjustable DC voltage: 0A to 1000 V
  •  Freely adjustable current limit: 0A to 5A
  •  Maximum power: 3.3kW
  • Weight: 18.5kg
  • Connection to 230V (16A) alternating voltage
    with IEC-60320 C13 / C14 plug
  • Operation ü̈ber Graphic display
  • Connection of the DC voltage (plus and minus)
    via banana plug 4 mm

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» Functions-+

» Functions

Reverse current thermography
The power supply unit offers the possibility of supplying power to the solar module string in a targeted way. This enables thermographic recordings to be performed to detect hotspots without the minimum irradiation of 400 W/ m² normally required for this. The measurements can also be carried out at night at any time. In this way, possible damage to a thermography camera by direct sunlight can be safely avoided.

The power supply unit can be used to take high quality electroluminescence pictures with an additionally required infrared camera. With this technique it is possible to detect the smallest micro cracks in the solar cells.

Bypass diode test
If the polarity of the power supply unit is reversed and connected to a darkened solar generator, the function of all bypass diodes of the solar module string can be checked.

Inverter commissioning
With the service power pack, inverters can be easily commissioned without the solar generator already having to be installed. This allows you to complete the electrical work and check for fault-free operation at any time, even before the roof work is completely finished.

Defrosting snow
The surface temperature of the module glass can be raised by approx. 2 to 4°C by returning current to the solar modules. This allows snow on a solar generator to slide off prematurely on roof pitches of 30° or more.

» Reverse Current Thermography & Electroluminescence-+

» Reverse Current Thermography & Electroluminescence