Controllable, programmable DC sources » LAB/HP



Controllable, programmable DC sources » LAB/HP

LAB/HP are adjustable 19" power sources in the power range from 3kW to 3.3MW in a compact design of up to 30kW in only 3U. We as developer and manufacturer can realize your individual wishes next to our standard device.

Standard Control:HMI, Ethernet LAN, Analog 5/10V, RS232
Optional Control:IEEE 488, RS485, USB, 4-20mA

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More information about the device series LAB/HP

» Quick overview features-+

» Quick overview features

  • Power through master-slave mode up to 3.3MW
  • Control via 5" color TFT touch display (values, status display and mode selection)
  • Features multiple digital interfaces (IEEE488, RS485, RS232, LAN and USB)
  • Constant current (CC), voltage (CV), resistance (CR), and power operation (CP), as well as PV characteristic simulation
  • ATI 5/10 analog interface galvanically isolated: 0V - 5V or 0V - 10V (user selectable) and Soft Interlock
  • Adjustable filter function for the analog interface
  • Controllable via WLAN (optional)
  • Adjustable voltage and current rise time (U- and I-slope)
  • Umax and Imax adjustable by the user to limit output voltage and current respectively
  • Storable U / I output characteristic (e.g. for PVsim, shading) on USB stick
  • Protection functions: OVP, OCP, UVP (adjustable time)
  • Fast crossover between CV & CC
  • Wireless Sense - Function
  • About function USB stick Function generator with different curves
  • Available modes: UI, UIR, UIP and PVSim
  • "High Speed" rise and fall time of the DC output voltage is reduced by a factor of 10 on average compared to standard times
  • Auto ranging function
  • External Sense Outputs
  • Adjustable switch-off time for the device after pressing the start button
  • Temperature controlled fan
  • Support SCPI command language
  • LabView driver available
  • Control software for Windows, free of charge (without support)
» Technical data and areas of application-+

» Technical data and areas of application

Technical data:

  • 3kW up to 3.3MW via M/S
  • Output voltage 0V to 1500V optional up to (2000V)
  • Output current 0A to 165.000A via M/S
  • Worldwide standard input voltages available
  • DC input voltage possible
  • Height: 2U to 9U as a single device depending on performance
  • Depth: 2U devices 600mm devices >2H 620mm
  • Width: 19" for rack mounting

Sample of application areas:

  • Testing of photovoltaic components e.g. inverters or battery charge controllers
  • Simulation of solar modules | Charging of fuel cells
  • Testing of automotive electronics and aircraft applications
  • Simulation and investigation of engine starting curves (car starting curve)
  • Manual testing of varistors | Testing of DC/DC converters
  • Energy storage technology | Testing of semiconductors
  • Independent stand-alone test station realizable via the script control in connection with the data log function
» Options-+

» Options

DCDC input selectable between 250 - 750 VDC
ATEATE without manual operation
IEEE 448IEEE 488 Interface
RS 485RS 485 Interface
USBUSB Interface
2000 V2000 VDC output voltage (specify application, contact us)
HSHigh-speed, secondary-side rise and fall time reduced by a factor of 10
PRPole turner. Powerless only
FDFreewheeling diode
DDSSerial decoupling diode
POPPassive overvoltage protection
AOPActive overvoltage protection
USB PortUSB-Stick
IIOinsulation output to earth 2000 DC with an output of up to 300 VDC
2U10 kW in 2 U housing
LOCK ACInterlock according to machine guidelines for mains input
LOCK DCInterlock according to machine guidelines for DC output
EMODC output is actively short-circuited when the mains is switched off
PulsOutput can be switched off periodically
SCSafety cover for mains and DC connections
19“19" cabinet incl. installation and wiring of the DC sources offered
LCFFilter leakage current < 1 mA
3yWarranty extension to 3 years
5yWarranty extension to 5 years
PFCPassive power factor correction > 0.9
EReduced functions
CCProtective lacquer for the circuit boards
XSpecial function
» Model overview 3 - 15kW-+

» Model overview 3 - 15kW

1 Higher output power on request
2 Examples, any other voltage available from 1 piece at no extra cost       
3 19” x 2 U x 600 mm
4 19” x 3 U x 620 mm
5 19” x 6 U x 620 mm
6 19” x 9 U x 620 mm
» Systemintegration-+

» Systemintegration

More and more customers are expressing a preference for integrated systems, where devices are complemented with additional components and delivered turnkey. ET System electronic provides all services for this system integration in a comprehensive manner. Sources and electronic loads are wired to customer specifications, installed in 19" cabinets, and equipped with special features. For instance, sources and loads can be combined, and specific interfaces or emergency stop functions can be added.

Additionally, the integration of insulation monitors, interlock functions, and the installation of industrial PCs is possible. Special safeguards can also be incorporated, such as when each channel of multi-channel devices needs separate protection. The configuration can align with various machinery directives and standards, and with additional connections, the systems can be seamlessly integrated into any existing environment. Upon request, the 19" cabinets can also be designed to provide space and connections for additional devices, allowing customers to easily integrate their own components..

» Quick enquiry-+
Simply provide us with the required information regarding voltage, current, and power, and we will promptly get back to you with a non-binding offer. To process your inquiry seamlessly and efficiently, we kindly ask you to provide as much information as possible. We look forward to assisting you promptly.