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Compact bidirectional DC source/sink

LAB/HPR DC sources are 19" voltage sources with bidirectional power from 7 kW to 1.4 MW. They can function both as a load and as a power supply unit, thus enabling energy-efficient recovery by feeding energy back into the grid. As a developer and manufacturer, we also offer customised solutions in addition to our standard devices.

Standard interfaces:HMI, Ethernet LAN, Analog 5/10V, RS232
Optional interfaces:IEEE 488, RS485, USB

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» Technical information-+

» Technical information

  • Fully digital control and regulation
  • Performance increase through master-slave interconnection for users up to 504kW
  • System integration allows for performance up to 1.4MW
  • Control via 5" colored TFT touch display (values, status display, and mode selection)
  • Measurement range switching for current and voltage
  • Adjustable rise times (U- and I)
  • Protection functions: OVP, OCP, UVP (adjustable time)
  • Front-mounted USB stick connection (optional)
  • Current operating values can be stored at adjustable intervals on a USB stick
  • Function generator via USB stick with various curves
  • Auto-ranging function
  • Software for battery simulation (optional)
  • Grid feedback with 95% energy recovery
  • External sense outputs
  • Adjustable turn-off time for the device after pressing the start button
  • Simulation of the internal resistance
  • Temperature-controlled fan
  • Support for SCPI command language
  • LabView driver available
  • Control software for Windows
  • Fast crossover between CV & CC
» Device overview-+

» Device overview

7kW   [3U]:                   100V/150A                    150V/117A                   300V/70A                      500V/42A                    750V/28A                     1000V/21A                     1500V/14A   
16kW [3U]:                   100V/300A                    150V/233A                   300V/140A                    500V/90A                    750V/60A                     1000V/42A                     1500V/30A
21kW [3U]:                   100V/450A                    150V/350A                   300V/210A                    500V/126A                  750V/84A                     1000V/63A                     1500V/42A
28kW [6U]:                   100V/600A                    150V/467A                   300V/280A                    500V/168A                  750V/112A                   1000V/84A                      1500V/56A
35kW [6U]:                   100V/750A                    150V/584A                   300V/350A                    500V/210A                  750V/140A                   1000V/105A                    1500V/70A
42kW [6U]:                   100V/900A                    150V/700A                   300V/420A                    500V/252A                  750V/168A                   1000V/126A                    1500V/84A
49kW [9U]:                   100V/1050A                  150V/817A                   300V/490A                    500V/294A                  750V/196A                   1000V/147A                    1500V/96A
56kW [9U]:                   100V/1200A                  150V/934A                   300V/560A                    500V/336A                  750V/224A                   1000V/168A                    1500V/110A
63kW [9U]:                   100V/1350A                  150V/1050A                 300V/630A                    500V/378A                  750V/252A                   1000V/189A                    1500V/124A

» Areas of application-+

» Areas of application

  • Testing the functionality of batteries, fuel cells and photovoltaic modules
  • DC load for fuel cells
  • Charging and discharging fuel cells
  • Power conversion tests (charging and discharging devices)
  • Charging and discharging batteries (battery tests)
  • Re-adjusting vehicle starting curves
  • Testing power components in electric vehicles
  • DC sources/sinks for test benches with low voltage/high voltage
  • Testing inverters
  • Power supply system