Bidirectional AC source/sink with mains feedback » EAC-4Q-KS

VOLTAGE: 900VAC L-N | CURRENT: 840A/ph | POWER: 1,08MVA and more | FREQUENCY: DC - 5kHz

  • Standard models: 15, 45, 90, 135, 180, 270, 360, 450 and 540 kVA
  • Frequency range: DC1kHz (HF option: DC2kHz).
  • Bidirectional AC/DC power source, seamless transition between source and sink modes.
  • RLC Load Simulation & RCD Load Simulation.
  • Standard output 300V L-N (Optional HV900 increase to 900V L-N).
  • LAN/RS485 interfaces (standard), additional RS232/Analog interface optional.
  • Analog signal input for use as a power amplifier (latency ≤ 20 µs).

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The EAC-4Q-KS series is a bidirectional AC/DC power source with load system utilising advanced SiC MOSFET PWM technology. This highly customisable system offers output powers from 15kVA up to 540kVA as a single unit. By combining two devices through master/slave configurations, a total output power of 1080 kVA can be achieved.

The series offers a standard output voltage from 0 to 450V L-N and supports frequencies from DC to 5 kHz, allowing precise customisation to suit a wide range of test requirements. As a bidirectional source, it can be used both as a current source and as a regenerative RLC load. The models offer a wide range of configurations allowing precise control via a touch panel and GUI software, facilitating monitoring and handling in demanding industrial and research environments.

» Technical information-+

» Technical information

  • Modular design, output power from 15kVA to 1080kVA
  • Bi-directional AC/DC power source, seamless transition between source and sink
  • Regenerative AC/DC load function
  • Output: AC, DC, AC+DC
  • Independent three-phase output, which can be configured as single-phase output
  • Max output 450V L-N within output frequency range from DC to 5kHz
  • Frequency Range: DC~ 5kHz max
  • Up to 100th harmonic waveform generation, inter-harmonic generation
  • Triger out, TTL signal output for voltage or frequency change
  • AC output, ON/ OFF output phase angle can be programmed
  • Mod-bus/ASCII protocols
  • Using true current feedback control when working in CC mode
  • RLC Load Simulation&RCD Load Simulation
  • Bi-Polar DC Source (-BP option)
  • Master-Slave interface
  • LAN, RS485, Analog control interface
  • Analog signal input for use as a power amplifier (delay ≤ 20 μs)
  • 30 Built-in harmonic waveforms
  • Soft start: effectively restrain the impulse current when power on
  • TFT-Touch panel operation
  • Current limit can be programmed, output can be shorted for short circuit test
  • Emergency stop button and indicators on front panel
» Standard devices-+

» Standard devices

» RLC and RCD load-+

» RLC and RCD load

» Block diagram-+

» Block diagram


You can find more information about the series in the data sheet or manual. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.