Voltage and frequency converter  » EAC-F-1 & EAC-F-3

On the output side, the frequency converters are available in 1-phase, 3-phase or switchable from 1-phase to 3-phase operation and supply a pure sinewave voltage. Frequency converters are used to supply loads that require a different frequency than the available grid supplies, e.g. 400Hz at a voltage of 120/208V. The converters (EAC-F) are constructed with a power rectifier and an inverter. The power rectifier is designed for the grid supply and the inverter provides the required output frequency and voltage 1- or 3-phase.


Technical data:

  • Outputs from 500 VA to 50 kVA, 1- or 3-phase or switchable from 1-phase to 3-phase operation
  • AC input 110V to 690V
  • AC input 16.66Hz to 400Hz
  • AC output 16.7Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz, 800Hz
  • Setting range e.g. 45Hz-65Hz, 50V-260V
  • 1-Ph up to 40kVA
  • 3-Ph up to 50kVA


Following features are available for the EAC-F-1 and EAC-F-3 series, further features can be found in detail in the data sheet

  • Analogue / digital control and monitoring system with mains monitoring, current inrush limiter
  • Three phases can be combined into one phase with higher power (e.g. 3x 10 kVA to 1x 30 kVA)
  • Short-circuit proof
  • Overload resistant depending upon dimensioning 1,2,3 multiple
  • Galvanic isolation
  • Visual messages /LED
  • Digital interface RS485/LAN (optional)
  • Automated test facility
  • Different housing techniques
  • Protection class up to IP53 (on request)
  • Special versions available on request

Datasheet EAC-F-1Datasheet EAC-F-3


The frequency converters can be used for different networks e.g:

  • Aircraft board net
  • Submarine networks
  • European network,
  • American network
  • Canadian network
  • Asian network
  • and many other networks and network forms such as TN-C, TN-S, TT, TN-C-S etc.