R&Dialogue- and wishes come true!

ET-System offers a new service!

Working on specific developments of new electro-technical products and already aware of the power supplies and testing instruments you will need in the medium term? Developing new components and already able to access that certain features of laboratory power electronics and associated measurement techniques might be useful?

Let us know what you think!

We at ET System have devoted ourselves to the needs of our clients and want to offer devices that perfectly fit their requirements. The best way we can do that is by knowing today what you will need in the future. Therefore we issued our R&Dialogue program which enables you today to submit your future wishes.

The program is advantageous for both sides. Using your suggestions, it allows us to set the right course in time. And in case you need a device with certain features in the future, our company ET System will be able to offer you these features as a standard – quick to deliver, cost-effective and with approved technologies!

If you were always thinking that a particular feature might be practical, if you have wishes for certain voltage, current, frequency, control, interface, efficiency, dimension, different ways of cooling, temperature range, signal form or mounting – let us know.

We would like to thank you for your suggestions with a little gift. In case your suggestion will be technically implemented, you will be the first to be informed and therefore be among the first users to profit from the new technology!

If you already have suggestions or wishes, let us know.

I am pleased to attend to your needs personally.

Eric Keim