Social commitment

Kinder unterm Regenbogen (Children beneath the rainbow)

We also took part in Radio Regenbogen's (Radio Rainbow) 24-hour donation marathon: On the 12th December the radio station collected money for 24 hours for needy children in our region. We very much approve of this charitable action and made our own small contribution by donating 500 euros to help make the lives of sick and needy children a bit easier.


"Regenbogen" Protestant kindergarten, Altlußheim

Children are particularly close to our hearts and so in 2011 we gave four road safety kits worth more than 500 euros to the Regenbogen kindergarten in Altlußheim. This is our way of making a contribution to the safety of our children on the streets while giving small children the chance to run about and play great action games.


Greetings cards in aid of children in need

UNICEF, the United Nations children's charity, helps children in need all over the world. We support this charity by sending UNICEF greetings cards on special occasions. This makes everyone happy; not just the recipient of our greetings but also the children who benefit from the charitable profit percentage on each card.


Left to right: Eric Keim – Managing Director, ETS, Hans Klemm – Walldorfer Tafel Board, Roland Kosmowski – Authorised representative, ETS

Walldorfer Tafel e.V. (Charitable organisation)

Foodstuffs are thrown away every day because they are almost on their sell-by date or have tiny defects, even though an increasing number of people are experiencing poverty and need basic foodstuffs in order to survive. The "Tafel Walldorf" charitable organisation collects these foodstuffs, sorts them and distributes them at an affordable price to needy families or single people. For many families, the chance to buy food direct from the organisation relieves a huge financial burden. We support the "Walldorfer Tafel" with an annual donation.


Aktion Mensch

"Aktion Mensch" is one of the best-known national funding agencies in the field of social care. Aktion Mensch uses the income generated by its successful social lottery to support Aktion Mensch projects for the disabled as well as children's and young people's charities.

We support "Aktion Mensch" by purchasing lottery tickets which we then give to our employees, customers and business associates.