Bidirectional DC source & load with mains feedback » LAB/SLV E



Bidirectional DC source/sink with mains feedback

The LAB/SLV E series is an IGBT PWM switching DC power supply that has multiple power levels from 100 kW, 150 kW, 200 kW, 250 kW to 300 kW for a single system. Up to 4 individual systems can be connected in parallel to achieve a system of up to 1.2 MW. The SLV E series of DC power supplies has an auto-range output function. The standard models of the SLV E series offer voltages of 1000 V, 1500 V, 2000 V and currents in the ratio x2, x3, x4. For deviating solutions we have the LAB/SLV 1 series.


Standard interfaces:HMI, Ethernet LAN und RS485
Optional interfaces:CAN, RS232, ATI

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Made by ET System electronic China

The LAB/SLV E-Series is a bidirectional DC source/load that not only provides energy, but is also equipped with a regenerative electronic RLC load that enables efficient energy management. Its advanced dual DSP+FPGA design allows the acquisition and storage of measured values at a high frequency of 10,000 measurements per second. By using optical fibre communication as well as extensive monitoring and protection functions, the series ensures maximum reliability and efficiency in critical applications.

» Technical information-+

» Technical information

  • Output Power: 100kW/150kW/200kW/250kW/300kW
  • Output Voltage: 1000V/1500V/2000V
  • Output Current: *2 / *3 / *4 (Auto-Rang)
  • Soft start: effectively restrain the impulse current when power on
  • Seamless transition between source and sink modes
  • Current rise time (0% -90%) <5ms
  • CC/CV/CP/CR mode available
  • Regenerative DC load function
  • LAN/RS485 interfaces
  • Emergency stop button and indicators on front panel
  • TFT-Touch panel operation
  • Mod-bus protocol
  • Output contactor
  • Remote sense
  • CE conformity
  • Master-Slave interface
» Automatic wide-range output-+

» Automatic wide-range output

» Standardmodels-+

» Standardmodels

» Battery simulation and test-+

» Battery simulation and test

» PV simulation-+

» PV simulation

» Block diagram-+

» Block diagram