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DC and AC Laboratory Power Supplies

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The ET System electronic GmbH

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Roland Kosmowski

Sales Europe

+49 (0)6205 - 3948 31
Skype ID: roland.kosmowski_et-system

Adnan Kolbasi

Sales International

+65 9109 4645
Skype ID & WeChat: adnankolbasi

Nagarajan Marichamy

Sales India

+91 9901800119
Skype ID: mjnrajan

Hightech „made in Germany“

Whether in development or production, in sales or support: At ET System electronic, all services come from a single source.

We develop and produce our devices at our German headquarters in Altlußheim. In order to be able to produce even the smallest quantities flexibly, we rely on a large vertical range of manufacture.

From electronics manufacturing to transformer winding to housing production, we can perform all work in-house. This guarantees highest quality, short ways, fast decisions and shortest delivery times!

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