ELP/DCH series 1800W up to 2.4kW


The ELP/DCH series is a precision programmable DC electronic load controlled by a high performance microprocessor. It uses 3.5-inch TFT true color LCD display with Chinese and English menu. Offers 4 basic working modes (CC/CV/CR/CW) and 10 functional modes. With comprehensive protection, over-heat protection, over-current protection, over-power protection, over-voltage protection, loop oscillation protection. ELP/DCH supports optional RS232, LAN, USB and analog interfaces to fit your versatile solution and testing needs.


  • 500kHz high speed voltage, current sampling rate
  • High precision voltage and current measurement
  • Fast loop response speed and current slew rate
  • Programmable single step up to 10μS
  • Equipped with remote four-wire compensation
  • Unique real-time display of current ripple and voltage ripple
  • Real-time display of load power and resistance



Test functions:

  • working modes CC/CV/CR/CW
  • DYNA dynamic test function
  • OCP over current protection mode
  • BATT battery mode
  • EFFT load effect mode
  • SWEEP dynamic frequency conversion scanning function
  • TIMEING _me measurement function
  • OVP over voltage protection mode
  • AUTO mode
  • LIST function

Model overview:

  • ELP/DCH 8182:       1800W | 150V | 240A 

  • ELP/DCH 8182B:    1800W | 500V | 120A

  • ELP/DCH 8242:      2400W | 150V | 240A 

  • ELP/DCH 8242B:   2400W | 500V | 120A

  • ELP/DCH 8322:      3200W | 150V | 240A

  • ELP/DCH 8322B:   3200W | 500V | 120A

  • ELP/DCH 8322C:   3200W | 150V | 500A

  • ELP/DCH 8322D:   3200W | 500V | 240A


  • Switching power supply, LED power supply, Cell phone charger, Cell phone charger, UPS battery, Vehicle electronics, Power battery pack, Fuse