Multi-Solar-Battery-Test-System » M98 series


  • Automatic test and data aquisition
  • Multichanel System possible (8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256)
  • Battery and solar panel are automatically tested
  • UI Curve in real time
  • PT Curve in 24h test or custom time set
  • Evaluation of the test reports in Excel
  • Multi-channel test runs in parallel, i.e. all parameters are recorded at the same time
  • Different test parameters and sequence parameters can be entered for each DUT (CV, CC, CR, CW)
  • Test steps are adjustable per channel from 0.001 to 1000
  • 2 search modes: coarse and fine to quickly find the Pmax point
  • Very well suited for real-time tracking day and night
  • Systems from 150W to 200kW, currents from 15A to 1500A and voltages from 150V to 600V possible
  • The following parameters are tested:
    Open circuit voltage, short circuit current, max. power point in the U-I curve, max. current at max. power,
    max. voltage at max. power, resistance at max. power, fill factor is the ratio
    between Pmax and Vopen x Ishort, the higher the value, the more efficient the test item works,
    Series resistance of the test specimen, internal resistance of the test specimen