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The ELP/DCM series is a programmable electronic DC load with high resolution and accuracy. The 16-bit A/D and D/A converters provide a voltage resolution
of 0.1 mV and a current resolution of 0.01 mA with a basic accuracy of 0.03%. The loads can be operated in six high-speed modes and feature
overheating, overvoltage, overcurrent, overpower and polarity reversal protection. The loads offer a variety of functions such as battery test, dynamic test, short-circuit
and more. Optional interfaces allow galvanically isolated communication with a computer for control and data acquisition. The software or an own protocol
can be used for this purpose. The 4-channel VFD screen displays two lines. The loads support remote voltage compensation, multi-data storage
and editing of any waveforms in the list function.


  • Other voltage/current combinations on request
  • 16-bit converter for resolution up to 0.1 mV / 0.01 mA. Basic accuracy of 0.03%
  • Operating modes CC, CV, CW, CR, CC+CV,CR+CV
  • Transient mode up to 25 kHz and adjustable edge slope
  • List mode with up to 50 load points
  • Automatic pass/fail test mode
  • Integrated battery measurement functions for discharge curve
  • Trigger input and output
  • Remote sense input to compensate for the voltage drop in the test leads
  • BNC output for output of the input current curve to an oscilloscope
  • Temperature-controlled fan
  • Extensive protection functions (overcurrent OCP, overvoltage: OVP, overload: OPP, overheating : OTP, reverse polarity)
  •  High-contrast display shows default values as well as all measured values
  • Static and dynamic operation possible
  • Optional galvanically isolated interfaces: RS232 | RS485 | USB

Model overview:

  • ELP/DCM 9820:       1000W | 150V | 240A 

  • ELP/DCM 9820A:    1000W | 500V | 500A

  • ELP/DCM 9820B:    1000W | 500V | 120A

  • ELP/DCM 9820D:    1000W | 500V | 240A

  • ELP/DCM 9820E:    1000W | 600V | 120A

  • ELP/DCM 9820F:    1000W | 150V | 600A

  • ELP/DCM 9820G:   1000W | 1000V | 60A

  • ELP/DCM 9820H:   1000W | 600V | 500A

  • ELP/DCM 9820K:   1000W | 1200V | 120A

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Datasheet 9820Datasheet 9820ADatasheet 9820BDatasheet 9820DDatasheet 9820EDatasheet 9820FDatasheet 9820GDatasheet 9820HDatasheet 9820KManualKalibration

Areas of application:

Mobile phone chargers, mobile phone batteries, electronic vehicle batteries, switch-mode power supplies, linear power supplies and LED drivers. To test and measurement applications for research institutes, automotive electronics, aerospace, marine, solar cells and fuel cells, etc.