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The device has a freely adjustable DC voltage between 0 and 1000V, so that solar module strings with up to 19 solar modules with 72 five-inch cells and up to 22 solar modules with 60 six-inch cells can be connected in series to rü̈ckbestromt.
The maximum current rating is 5A. However, the actual adjustable current depends on the system voltage, as the device has been limited to a maximum power of 3.3kW. Therefore it is possible to operate the power supply unit at a conventional 230V socket. (The circuit should be fused with 16 A.) With a current strength of 5A, only 660V is available, which is still absolutely sufficient for solar generators with up to 12 solar modules with 72 five-inch cells and 15 solar modules with 60 six-inch cells in series.

Technical data:

  • Freely adjustable DC voltage: 0A to 1000 V
  •  Freely adjustable current limit: 0A to 5A
  •  Maximum power: 3.3kW
  • Weight: 18.5kg
  • Connection to 230V (16A) alternating voltage
    with IEC-60320 C13 / C14 plug
  • Operation ü̈ber Graphic display
  • Connection of the DC voltage (plus and minus)
    via banana plug 4 mm


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