Controllable, programmable linear AC-Source » EAC-3S


The electronically adjustable AC-Source EAC-3S have a linear output stage with clean output at Pmax: 0,1%.  The devices are used to simulate voltages, currents, frequencies and waveforms independent of the mains, 3-phase.

Technical data:

  • Power from 750W to 30kW
  • Output voltage up to 700VAC/phase-phase/ 1000VDC
  • Output current up to 2000A per phase
  • Output frequency up to 2000Hz
  • Indication via graphic display
  • Linear regulated output stage, distortion factor at Pmax: 0.1%


The EAC-3S series has the following features, more details can be found in the datasheet

  • Generation of any voltage and current curves via SD card or digital interface (sequential control)
  • Data log function: Current measured values are stored on an SD card at an adjustable interval.
  • Measurements of voltage (RMS, average peak value and crest factor), current (RMS, average, peak value and crest factor) Active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor
  • Specification of frequency and phase angle
  • Voltage controlled and/or current controlled
  • Storage locations for freely programmable waveforms (WAV files), can be imported via an external SD card (option)
  • Script control: Programming of sequences stored on the memory card
  • External oscillator input +/- 10V with adjustable delay up to 70ms (option)
  • Three non-volatile curves (programming via memory card)
  • The script control in connection with the data log function enables the setup of an independent "stand-alone" test station
  • Sync input for synchronizing with external sources (option)
  • Sync output for triggering external measuring devices or similar (option)
  • Output voltage can be switched off for a certain number of half periods (option)
  • Output voltage can be switched on for a certain time (option)
  • Available digital interfaces IEEE488, RS485, RS232, LAN and USB
  • ATI 5 or ATI 10 analog interface galvanically isolated: 0V to 5V or 0V to 10V
  • Special versions available on request


DatasheetManual ApplicationsVideos


  • Simulation of worldwide voltage networks (3-phase)
  • Simulation of aeronautical, space, railway and maritime voltage networks
  • AC power supply for use in laboratories and test fields for electrical components
  • Testing of medical specific waveforms according to EN 60601.
  • Stand-Alone test station realizable via script control in connection with the data log function