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ET System electronic GmbH offers customers a broad range of sine wave inverters for a vast number of purposes and a performance range from 150 VA inverters to three-phase units with a power of 150 kVA. You can choose among manifold input voltages. Non-standard input voltages will be realized as agreed upon. Depending on application, different output frequencies can also be specified for applications used in the aviation or railway industries. All our inverters provide a true stabilized sine wave output and have proven their extraordinary reliability in many applications.

Our inverters are available as stand-alone units or in a 19-inch rack for cabinet mounting and systems integration. As with all products of ET System electronic GmbH, different case shapes and sizes are obtainable on request. In addition to our standard switch-mode designs we also offer linear inverters for critical applications. The linear design benefits from extremely low interference making them the ideal choice for sensitive applications such as radio and television transmitter systems. We can realize, according to your statement, customized inverters for each requested specification that go beyond our basic product line.

TC 150 VA - 1000 VA

Switch mode built in sine wave inverter up to 700 VA

  • True stable sinewave output
  • Automatic standby mode with P<0.5W
  • Minimum load sense adjustment 2-40W
  • Galvanically isolated output
  • RFI/EMC tested to EN 61000-6-3/61000-6-1

TC 1300 - 3500 VA

Switch mode built in sine wave inverter up to 3500 VA

  • Quartz stabilized output ± 0.5%
  • Peak power capability up to 300%
  • Intelligent standby mode
  • Adjustable minimum load level for stand by
  • RFI/EMC tested to EN 61000-6-3/61000-6-1

INV 500 - 10000 VA

19" rack mounted switch mode sine wave inverter up to 4000 VA

  • Efficiency > 88%
  • Parallel option available
  • With out 50 Hz transformer
  • High frequency activation
  • Low output impedance
  • 19'' Rack case

INV/SYS 1 - 48 kVA

19" rack mounted switch mode sine wave inverter up to 48 KVA

  • Control up to 12 inverters
  • Automatic monitoring of the system output power
  • Configurable through push buuons or terminal program
  • Automatic alarm via modem
  • Electronic bypass
  • Rated current 50 A or 100 A

Data Sheet: Please Contact Factory.

INV/I 1 - 180 kVA

High power one and three phase output sine wave inverters 1-180 KVA

  • 1 and 3 phase output up to 180kVA
  • Cos Phi 0,8
  • With electronic bypass
  • Switched or linear technology
  • Also for vehicle field and railroad systems
  • Highest reliability

Data Sheet: Please Contact Factory.