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Laboratory power supplies 30 kW in only 3 U

27. October 2021, admin -

The DC - sources of the LAB/HP series have been revised very elaborately and now have an impressive power density of 30 kW in only 3 U. Output voltages up to 2000 VDC are available and the master/slave function allows the output power to be increased up to 1.4 MW.

Laboratory power supplies for electric mobility

11. December 2020, admin -

Electric cars, e-bikes, e-scooters and more.: The future will be electric. Our laboratory power supplies are just as future-proof. Today we are already actively shaping the future of e-mobility with our customers. With DC - sources from 750 W to 1.4 MW and output voltages up to 2000 VDC we can cover the whole spectrum of applications.

Laboratory power supplies for laser applications

27. November 2020, admin -

Lasers have found their way into numerous areas of daily life over the past decades. In every laser printer and all optical drives there are laser diodes, in barcode readers lasers are used to scan barcodes. In industry, lasers are used for a wide range of manufacturing processes - from forming, cutting, joining and coating to changing material properties.

Laboratory power supplies for automation

30. September 2020, admin -

The core areas of automation are the monitoring, control and regulation of processes. Depending on the type, this involves the control of the proper operation of process plants, the target-oriented maintenance of a desired process status despite disturbing environmental influences or the realisation of specified or alternatively selected process sequences.

Laboratory power supplies for charging batteries

30. September 2020, admin -

Due to our mobility behaviour, batteries of all kinds are becoming increasingly important as power storage devices. They ensure our independence and comfort in all areas. Due to the multitude of technologies used, such as: Li-Ion, Li-Po, LI-Mn, LMP, NiCd, NiMH and Pb, the batteries differ greatly in their  demands on the charging technology or charging curve.

Name change product series

21. September 2020, admin -

The DC sources of the LAB/SMS, LAB/SMS/E and LAB/HP/E series are omitted and replaced by the LAB/HP type devices.

We can comfort you, the devices are still available under the new name "LAB/HP".
Now available with an even higher power density of up to 21kW in 3U!